About the project

MC?E is a nonprofit social media project. We provide information, analysis, memes and entertainment on European matters every day. We believe making Europeans is the key to making Europe. Therefore, our aim is to foster a common sense of kinship and belonging to Europe.


Europe is our scope, and that doesn’t just mean politics. Traditions, food, travel, the arts: if it’s European popular culture, then it has a place in our feed. We cover every country currently enjoying full membership of the Council of Europe, plus the Republic of Belarus.


We are active on multiple platforms, each with tailored content to provide a full experience. Our WEBSITE hosts articles and exclusive features, and you can meet fellow pro-Europeans on our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK GROUP. You can find (or submit) great pictures from all over Europe ON INSTAGRAM, and be a part of the conversation ON TWITTER.


We’re always looking for great content, no matter the platform. If you have a great picture or video, or a news story, and they’re relevant to Europe, do share by contacting us here. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. For more structured cooperations, contact us with details. We are not supported or funded by any institution or third party. You can help by donating on our website, or by visiting our store of PRO EUROPEAN MERCHANDISE. If you are a member of a pro-European organization, we’re always open to potential partnerships. You can find the list of our current partners here.