European Parliament

This week in the European Parliament 18 – 24 December 2017

There are no more plenary sessions of the European Parliament this year, and the activities of the full house will resume on 15th January next year. MEPs will have are latí Ely relaxed week where the prominence will be taken by foreign affaires.

ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly. MEPs will meet parliamentarians from African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries in Pétion-ville (Haiti), where their joint parliamentary assembly is taking place. The main topics of discussion on the schedule are climate change, natural disasters, relation between security and development, reconstruction aid, and Mauritania. (Monday to Wednesday)

Sudan-Human Rights. The Human RIghts Subcommittee is sending a delegation to Sudan. They are to assess the situation of human rights like freedom of religion, irregular migrants in refugee camps, and the progress towards support of children in the country. (Sunday to Tuesday)

Internet Governance Forum. A delegation of MEPs will participate in the 12th meeting of the Internet Governance Forum 2017 in Geneva. The IGF is a UN-driven, global, multi-stakeholder forum that fosters discussions and dialogue about public policy issues related to the internet. (Tuesday to Thursday)

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