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New app for tracking invasive alien species

The European Commission just launched a new online app to track invasive animals & plants in the EU.

The app contains information of plants and animals introduced by accident or deliberately into a natural environment where they would not be normally found and makes it possible to use your phones’ localisation system and camera to capture images of them.

There are currently 37 invasive alien species of Union concern. These include the American grey squirrel, which transfers a poxyvirus lethal to native red squirrels and leads to their local extinction; the raccoon, which can harbour and spread diseases affecting humans, as well as farmed and wild animals; the signal crayfish, which carries the crayfish plague fungus and leads to the extinction of native crayfishes; the mile-a-minute weed, which can smother native wetland vegetation; and the yellow-legged hornet, which aggressively preys on native honey bees.



Mauro Armadi (Rausten)

Founder and Editor-in-chief of “My country? Europe.”.

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