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EU Domestic Policy

Here is the deal between the EU and the UK on the Brexit divorce bill

The Brexit deadline looms, barely one year and three months away. As the UK scrambles to try and clinch a…
EU Domestic Policy

The Commission wants to overhaul the economic and monetary Union

On Wednesday, the European Commission presented its plan for an overhaul of the economic and monetary union. The new proposal…
EU Foreign Policy

Why Germany should give up on the Nord Stream 2 project

From the smallest individual actions to the most marvellous and destructive natural phenomena, nothing could be possible without energy, the…
At A Glance

Commission starts considering Eurozone common debt and complete financial integration

This article is a post of the series “At A Glance” that refers directly to the original source. On Wednesday, the…
EU Domestic Policy

The Commission publishes White Paper on the future of Europe

Politico Magazine has obtained the European Commission’s White Paper, a document outlining five possible scenarios for the European Union, going…
EU Environment

New app for tracking invasive alien species

The European Commission just launched a new online app to track invasive animal & plant species in the EU. The…