Hidden European Food

Hidden Eurofood: Provence-Côte d’Azur

When we think of French cuisine, there are foods that come to mind almost immediately: baguette, cheese and wine are…
EU Domestic Policy

Macron Mimics Margaret: French Labour Reforms

Just over 100 days into the still youthful presidency of an equally youthful president, Emmanuel Macron looks set to deliver…
EU Domestic Policy

French Elections: All You Need To Know

The announcement of Britain’s snap elections, scheduled for 8th June, threw even more meat on the fire of the hot…
History of Europe

The European Coal and Steel Community: How it came to be and the difficulties associated

To us, today, the close cooperation between Italy, France, the Benelux countries, and Germany, which would eventually lead to the…
EU Domestic Policy

French Socialist Party primaries: who’s running?

The French Elections of 23rd April and 7th May are closing in, and the primary season is about to open…