The Netherlands: Road to Eurovision

The Netherlands was one of the seven countries competing in the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, since the…
Hidden European Food

Hidden EuroFood: Friesland

Dutch cuisine stems from the fertile location of the North Sea river delta of the European Plain and, surely, from…
EU Domestic Policy

The Dutch Parliament refuses to hoist the European flag

The Dutch Parliament has an odd relationship with flags. As odd as it may sound, the Dutch flag isn’t present…
EU Domestic Policy

Over six months after the elections, the Netherlands finally have a government

After 209 days of negotiation, and breaking the record for the longest Dutch coalition talks since World War 2, the…
EU Domestic Policy

Dutch Coalition Talks Break Down – What Next?

The Netherlands voted for their parliamentary elections on March 16th and the largest party gained only a fifth of the…
EU Domestic Policy

Dutch Elections: All You Need To Know

This is a year of big elections for many European member States. The Netherlands are the first to begin the…