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Belarus ready to stop the military invasion from Veyshnoria

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Veyshnoria is one of the three imaginary countries created by the Belarusian army as part of their latest military drill.

Some already created a Wikipedia page complete with the history of this country, while a flag has been drawn and the Foreign Minister promised on Twitter “stew, honey, bread and lard” to those who will surrender to the might of Veyshnoria.

You can read more about this funny story here.

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Bruno Formicola (Tracer)

Graduate in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Naples "L'Orientale", co-founder of My Country? Europe and member of the Young European Federalists. Addicetd to information, memes and Autechre.

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  1. Don’t worry , dear Belorussians, NATO won’t envade your country tongue emoticon
    😛 NATO is for

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