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My tag is “Tobbe”, and my main interest is in history and that is what I will write about. My main interests are the Ancient world, around the time of Alexander the Great up to the Punic Wars, but I also write and study a lot about general European history.

One of the most difficult things is that people seem to have forgotten the importance of diplomacy, geography and, in most cases, logistics and naval dominance. I blame the video game industry, but I digress.

My main sort of posts will be about a united Europe throughout history, both in ideas and in actual attempts. It sounds daunting and challenging, and I hope it will be.

I will also seek to dispel myths and inaccuracies in historical events, such as the reason for the British entry into World War I, or why the discovery made by Christopher Columbus was so important, and how to understand Russia from a Western perspective.

But just because I am an (amateur) historian, that doesn’t mean I am uninterested in the present, or the future, it’s just that I don’t know much about it. Thankfully, I can always lean on my fellow admins of this page, whose proficiency in the intricate politics and goals of the European Union astounds me.
To me, history is very important. How can be understand our present if we do not understand our past? If we fully know where we came from we can more easily steer ourselves towards a good future.

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Tobias Lundqvist (Tobbe)

CNC-Operator poring over maps and dusty books in his spare time. Loves writing about history, especially Antiquity and the World Wars.

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