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Majority parties’ affiliation to EP Groups

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Majority parties’ affiliation to EP Groups across european regional councils as of November 2017.

Legend explanation; each colour represents a political group of the European Parliament, with an exception for the APF as they aren’t affiliated with any groups.


EPP: European People’s Party; Centre-right.
S&D: Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats; Centre-left.
ALDE: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe; Centre, Market Liberalism.
Greens-EFA: Greens-European Free Alliance; Green Policies, Regionalism/Separatism.
GUE-NGL: European United Left-Nordic Green Left; Leftist Soft Euroscepticism.
ENL: Europe of Nations and Freedom; Rightist, Nationalism, Euroscepticism.
ECR; European Conservatives and Reformists; Conservatism, Euroscepticism.
APF; Alliance for Peace and Freedom; Far-right, Euroscepticism. 

European territorial subdivisions differ from country to country.
First of all, not all countries in the EU have the same amount of (sub)divisions; Italy, for example, is divided into regions, provinces and municipalities, while countries such as Slovenia and Portugal only have municipalities. Luxembourg, Latvia and Lithuania fall into this category as well.
Secondly, not every subdivision is governed in the same way. All the territories marked on this map have either a directly elected council and council chariman or governor, while in Finland the regional councils are elected by municipal councils.
Estonia, Hungary , Bulgaria, Malta , Cyprus and all other light-grey countris have been excluded from this map due to a lack of data.

Additional note about the UK and Belgium: The regions coloured in this map are either the countries that make up the United Kingdom or the communities of the federal state of Belgium. Borders in black within these regions are not relevant for this map.

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External contribution by Matteo Bonvicini

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