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This week in the European Parliament 15-21 January 2018

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The plenary of the European Parliament is back this week. As customary, here is all you want to know about the parliamentary proceedings this week.

EU summit and Brexit. The outcome of the 14-15 December meeting of EU leaders with European Council President Donald Tusk is to be debated. The Commission and the Council understood that there was enough progress in those talks to move on to negotiating the relationship with the United Kingdom after Brexit, as the exit terms were agreed. MEPs are also sharing their positions on the Brexit negotiations, migration, defence cooperation and eurozone reform. (Tuesday morning)

Click here to read the joint report.

Future of Europe – MEPs debate with Leo Varadkar. The Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar inaugurates a series of debates between MEPs and member states’ government leaders on the future of the Union. Both Mr Varadkar and the EP President Antonio Tajani are appearing before the press at 12.30. (Wednesday morning)

EU presidency.

Outgoing: MEPs are assessing the progress made by the Estonian presidency in the past six months. (Tuesday morning)

Incoming: Bulgaria’sPM Boyko Borissov is presenting the incoming Council Presidenycy priorities to MEPs, including dital economy, security and stability, and a European perspective on the connectivity of the Western Balkans. A joint press conference by Tajani and Borissov is due to follow at 12.52. (Wednesday morning)

Clean energy. Draft laws aiming to reduce by two fifths our energy consumption by 2030 from 2005 levels are being debated. They focus on energy efficiency, renewables, and the governance of the Energy Union; and its adoption would mean that renewable sources of energy should go up from 27$ to 35%. (Monday)

MEPs are also voting on wether to start or not to start negotiations with ministers. (Wednesday)

Russian propaganda. Russian propaganda in member states and its purpoted impact in member states’ electoral processes by means of misinformation is going to be the subject of a topical debate. (Wednesday)

Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. The Committee holds a joint debate on non-reciprocity with some third countries in visa policy and effectiveness of the reciprocity mechanism provided by Council regulations. The first report is being discussed with Matthias Oel (European Commission). (Monday afternoon)

Export controls. MEPs are considering the adoption of EU export controls on cyber-surveillance tools like hacking, mobile phone interceptors, and methods to circumvent passords or users’ privacy. They aim to prevent authoritarian regimes from taking advantage of EU technology in order to violate human rights. (Tuesday debate, Wednesday vote)

Fisheries technical measures overhaul. How, where, and when can one fish in the EU? Common rules addressing this question are being voted this week. If passed, the new law aims to provide for a common scheme on fishing methods and gear, as well as allowed species in EU waters. It would also go one step beyond Commission proposals to allow innovative methods like electric trawl pulse fishing. (Tuesday)

President’s agenda. EP President Tajani will meet the Estonian PM Juri Ratas (Tuesday), Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov, and the Irish PM Leo Varadkar (Wednesday). The conference of Presidents is scheduled at 10.00 on Thursday.

Pre-session briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a briefing with the group spokespersons. Scheduled at 16.30 on Monday.


Source: European Parliament.

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