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The Commission publishes White Paper on the future of Europe

Politico Magazine has obtained the European Commission’s White Paper, a document outlining five possible scenarios for the European Union, going forward. We illustrate the scenarios here:

#1 Carrying On In this scenario, little changes. The EU proceeds with small steps for “incremental progress” on common defense and the single market. Possible weakening of Schengen.

#2 Nothing But The Single Market. Most EU governance rules disappear, keeping only the single market. The Euro likely to become vulnerable.

#3 Those Who Want More, Do More Multi-speed Europe. Countries that want to deepen reciprocal cooperations in areas like defense, fiscal integration and law enforcement, may do so. Could result in inconsistency in citizens rights.

#4 Doing Less More Efficiently. The EU scales back on wider governance to focus on foreign policy, common defense, the exploration of space and other high-profile efforts.

#5 Doing Much More Together. Federalization of the Union: completion of the Eurozone, speaking with one voice in foreign policy and trade, and creating a European Monetary Fund under control of the Parliament, as well as a European Defense Union.

“My Country? Europe.” endorses the fifth scenario, with particular emphasis on the empowerment of the parliament.




Mauro Armadi (Rausten)

Founder and Editor-in-chief of “My country? Europe.”.

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  1. The fifth scenario is the only one allowing Europe to survive in a evolving world with super-powers !!!

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