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EU countries dominate in global energy ranking

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The Global Energy Architecture Performance index, prepared in collaboration with Accenture, is part of the World Economic Forum’s System initiative on Shaping the Future of Energy.

The index benchmarks the energy system performance of 127 countries according to 18 indicators covering three core dimensions: energy access and security, sustainability and contribution to economic growth.

Switzerland (1st) tops the rankings for the third consecutive year, benefiting from a diverse supply mix, low-energy intensity and low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electricity production. However, clouds are on the horizon, with negotiations on bilateral energy agreements with the European Union (EU) recently stalling after the referendum on immigration, and with the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the EU, which is likely to impact these discussions.

The 28 Member States of the European Union (EU28) dominate the top of the EAPI, making up 14 of the 20 highest-performing countries and all sitting in the top half of the table, with the exception of Estonia (56th)Cyprus (67th) and Malta (71st).

The report stated that Europe’s “strong performance is underpinned by advantages gained through a long history of coordination between European nations, which is a model for regional cooperation”.

Here the complete table of rankings: EAPI


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Mauro Armadi (Rausten)

Founder and Editor-in-chief of “My country? Europe.”.

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