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Madrid: public buildings 100% renewable

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Since the 1th of January, in Madrid, all the municipal buildings, offices, colleges, cultural centers, primary schools,
libraries and municipal police stations are powered 100% by energy generated by renewable sources (water, wind and solar energy).

The agreement has been signed with the energy company Endesa and the municipality of Madrid has included the obligation of  maintaining the 100% renewable energy even for the future contracts.

This agreement does not involve additional costs for the Municipality and it is regulated by the ITC 2914/2011 and IT/1522/2007 ordinances and by the EU directive 2009/28/CE.

This initiative is part of a larger plan explicated In the Madrid Roadmap 2030 with the purpose of reducing the energy waste and promoting the use of clean energy.

The municipality of Madrid has declared that “this initiative is part of the municipal plans of reduction of pollutant emissions which contribute to the greenhouse effect and climate changes as the Plan of air quality and climate change and the Madrid+Natural program.

They include programs of urban regeneration, the replacement of the polluting fuels for heating and the sustainable management of the urban residues.

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