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There were celebrations and marches, great speeches and a new treaty, but the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome has also seen the development concrete proposals for the future of the EU. Some of these were put forward by a group of young european students: the Jo Cox Laureates.

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Helen Joanne Cox (22 June 1974 – 16 June 2016)

The Jo Cox Laureates association is named in honor of Helen Joanne “Jo” Cox, the member of the UK parliament who was murdered by a man associated with far-right organisations. The association is  composed of a group of young Europeans who took part in the Jo Cox prize, awarded by the iMille association.

Their aim is to oppose the descent of Europe in a dark time of “hate and disunity”; to do so, they collected policy proposals based on their dissertations from a diverse set of disciplines, from Economics to Political Science, History, Law and International Relations, into a White Paper.

The foreword of the document is emblematic:

“The work of these young scholars presented here offers an example of enthusiasm for the ideal of a united Europe, which still lives strong and can be channelled into concrete policy proposals backed by facts and solid research.”

The document is freely available below. It was composed in English to guarantee readability to all European citizens, in line with the spirit of the association – when the institutions seem chained to their fears, it’s the duty of the students, the youth, and activists in general to break these chains and remind everyone that our country is Europe.

Click here to download the White Paper


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