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[OPINION] A Europe of Regions Makes no Sense

One of the single greatest achievements of the European Union has undoubtedly been the ability to bring European countries and…
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United, but How? National vs Multinational Federations

In previous installments, we have given a definition of federations: a federation is a State whose constitutional principles are based…

Someone (is and) was federalist – Giulio Saputo

Someone was a federalist because they were born in Pavia. Someone was a federalist because their grandfather, uncle, and father…

Realism and Idealism in the Federalist Bubble

We European Federalists are being often accused of extreme “idealism” and naïveté by those who criticize us. That’s ironic though.…
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How we view European Federalism

Whenever we mention federalism, some people think surely we must refer to a European superstate: well, they’re wrong. What Federalism does…