Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a political movement/party?

No, we are an editorial project primarily active on social media.

Do you plan to create a pan-European movement or party?

No. We don’t believe single-issue parties stand much chance to achieve European unity. We have no electoral or political ambition of any kind. MC?E has always been, and will always be about Europeans getting to know one another and bonding together.

Do you receive funds from the EU/Soros/aliens?

  No. The project is entirely financed through earnings from our store and fan donations.

Who’s behind the project?

MC?E was founded in March 2014 by five young European students, in the wake of the Crimean crisis. The current staff counts people from ten different nationalities.Some of them have been friends for years, others have bonded while volunteering for us. Their continued support is what makes this all possible.

Are you left wing/right wing?

No to both. MC?E does not have a vertically mandated editorial line: founders, editors and contributors come from all corners of the political spectrum, and their opinions are their own. We believe no single party or ideology is strong enough to build a united Europe: that endeavor needs everyone. Political plurality is one of the underpinning causes of European prosperity, and that is reflected in our editorial project.

Do you support/oppose cause X?

See above.

I really like the page/website, and I want more of it. What are my options?

At the beginning of this document, you will find a complete list of social media channels where we have a presence. This list will expand as our project continues to grow. For extra engagement, we suggest you join our FACEBOOK GROUP.

I love your work. How can I help?

See the relevant section at the beginning of the document. We’re always looking for new content and volunteers. You can also donate through the website, PATREON or purchase our exclusive PRO EUROPEAN MERCHANDISE. All funds will be used to the benefit of the project.

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