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Buying advertising space on our website is just another way to support our project. In return, your content will be seen by a young audience that spans the continent. For more info about traffic figures and visibility contact us.

You can see demonstrations of the ads here.

All adverts are thoroughly vetted by our team, so that only partners that we support or are compatible with the values of our project can buy a spot on our website.


Code  Position  Size  Price
 A1  Full page takeover 2200×848  50€/week
 H1  Header ad 728×90  40€/week
 H2  Above Header Ad 1170×120  40€/week
 H3  Below the Header Ad 970×250  40€/week
 F1  Above Footer Ad 1170×120  20€/week
 C1  Above Article 728×90  40€/week
 C2  Below Article 728×90  20€/week
 C3  Inside Article/inbetween articles 468×60  30€/week
 C4  Above Article Content Ad 728×90  40€/week
 C5  Below Article Content Ad 728×90  20€/week
 S1  Sidebar 1 336×280  30€/week
 S2  Sidebar 2 300×250  30€/week
 S3  Sidebar 3 250×250  30€/week
 S4  Sidebar 4 160×600  40€/week
 S5  Sidebar 5 300×600  40€/week
 S6  Sidebar 6 125×125  10€/week

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Become a Patron!