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Denmark Deploys Soldiers To The Baltics To Deter Russian Aggression

Denmark today deployed 200 troops to Estonia as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence. The goal of the operation is to deter Russian aggression, and in case of an attack to slow down the Russian advance.

The fear of Russian aggression stems from then 2014 annexation of Crimea, where complex hibrid tactics were employed by the Russians to ensure control fast and easy. A copy of the 2014 scenario is the Baltics is unlikely, but there is also a need to reassure the political leaders and people of said countries about their safety – and Kremlin media tends to wax apoplectyc about any increased state of readiness in the Baltics. The best and most European way to do so is that small countries together stand up against larger bullies, and therefore Denmark and many other European and non-European countries are pulling their weight in the operation.

Source: Danmarks Radio


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