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Hidden Eurofood: Saxony

What comes to mind when thinking about Germany and food? There’s a lot more to German cuisine than “Würstel mit Kraut” or “Kartoffeln” and beer! In Germany, there are more than 1500 different types of sausages made with pork, but also with sheep or lamb intestines. In addition to potatoes, asparagus (especially the white one) are also very common. Other traditional dishes are made with freshwater fish like trout or carp. Moreover, a wide variety of cakes are served throughout the country. Well renowned is the “Schwarzwälswe Kirschtortes”, the Black Forest cake with cream, chocolate, cherries and Kirschwasser, a traditional cherry liqueur. Regional traditional cuisines are also very important. For this week’s article, our pick was Saxony.

In the Land of Saxony, the cuisine is a melting pot of the several traditions of the regions that compose the state. This led to an incredible variety of dishes depending on the history of the areas. In the Ore Mountain region, for example, dishes with potatoes like the Buttermilk potatoes pancakes called “Buttermilchgetzen” are very common, while in Leipzig one of the most traditional foods is the “Leipziger Allerlei” prepared with peas, asparagus, morels, carrots, and crayfish.

Saxony has also typical coffee (usually served with cake) and beer traditions. The first coffee bar in Germany was opened in Leipzig and beers like “Radeberger” and “Wernesgrüner” are spread and appreciated all around the world!



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