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Melenchon asks to remove EU Flag

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Jean Luc Melenchon and his members of Parliament tabled an amendment to remove the European flag from the National Assembly, which is the lower house of the French Parliament.

While Melenchon’s presidential campaign toed the line of European “reformism”, and spoke of “friendly divorce” in case he didn’t get concessions, the French Communist has returned to more typical rhetoric after the elections.

“Frankly, do we have to tolerate that?”, he said, talking of the EU flag that flanks the French and United Nations flags in the Assembly.

The amendment presented by France Insoumise reads like a pure piece of nativist populism, citing France’s “historical political project of independence”, only slightly softened by paying lip service to internationalism by mentioning the UN flag “in the spirit of independence and the promotion of peace”.

Source Le Figaro

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Mauro Armadi (Rausten)

Founder and Editor-in-chief of “My country? Europe.”.

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