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This week in the European Parliament 30 october – 5 november 2017

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The coming week is focused on foreign relations of the Union. NATO, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and Ukraine are to cope the parliamentary proceedings this week.


NATO and the USA. MEPs of the Foreign affairs and defence committees will discuss EU-NATO cooperation with NATO officials, US Congresspersons, and the Departments of State and Defence in Washington and Norfolk. (Tuesday to Friday)

Trade – Australia and New Zealand. Talks on free trade deals with these countries are expected to start later this year. Notably, Canada has already a comprehensive trade agreement (CETA) signed with the Union, and the UK may have its one after Brexit, thus sewing and alliance with this group of countries referred to as CANZUK, if the talks ahead come to fruition. A delegation of the International Trade Committee is travelling to the antipodes to discuss opportunities and potentally contentious aspects of free trade between them and the Union. MEPs are to meet Austrialian and New Zealand MPs, as well as local businiesses, trade unions, indigenous communities, and EU companies. (Monday to Thursday)

Euronest – Ukraine. MPs from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, as well as MEPs are meeting in Kiev to agree on their input to the Eastern Partnership Summit, which is scheduled on 24 November. The topics cover cybersecurity, youth unemployment, climate change, and media freedom. (Monday to Wednesday)

Intellectual property & future of transport (USA). Being technology the common adage to both issues, two delegations of the EP will travel to the States. MEPs of the Legal Affairs Committee are going San Francisco to discuss copyright enforcement, patents, trademarks and the new EU copyright package with representatives from companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Pixar, Universal Music and 21st Century Fox. A Transport Committee delegation are meeting representatives from Uber, Tesla, Intel, Google X and Waymo as well as the R&D departments of car manufacturers, to discuss innovative transport solutions and latest developments in unmanned aerial vehicles and automated driving. (Monday to Thursday)

President’s diary. EP President Antonio Tajani is going to travel to Tunis, where he will address the Assembly of the Representatives of the People and meet its speaker Mohamed Ennaceur, followed by a press conference, on Monday. On Tuesday, Mr Tajani will meet Tunisian Republic President Béji Caid, followed by a press point, and the Head of Government Youssef Chahed.

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  1. “MEPs of the Foreign affairs and defence committees will discuss EU-NATO cooperation with NATO officials…”
    Shouldn’t they have been co-operating before now?

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