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Top 5 absurd lies about Germany spread by Russian State media

The Kremlin’s press organs aren’t new to disinformation, and the European Union is a favored target, as Russia and the West remain locked in a diplomatic and economic confrontation. However, not all EU member States are depicted equally by Russian State media channels, and State propaganda maintains an unhealthy obsession with Germany. When it comes to the Federal Republic, the slander just can’t be topped; it reaches obscene proportions.

Here is a top five of the most absurd lies spread by Kremlin media on Germany, as reported by EU vs Disinformation.

1 – German soldiers deployed with NATO in the Baltic countries are there in order to strike against Leningrad (yes, that’s how they actually called it).

2 – The arrival of refugees in Germany is an American ploy. The motive? Changing the German mentality and converting Germans into liberal cosmopolitan hipsters.

3 – Germany is helping Ukraine develop nuclear weapons.

4 – Merkel wants to launch a German occupation of Ukraine.

5 – Germany is supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

You can find the original article here.

Disinformation and deception have been part and parcel of the Kremlin’s strategy to undermine political will in the West since the early days of the Cold War, at the latest. What Europe is facing now isn’t a new phenomenon, but a different manifestation of the same divide and conquer tactics that sought to split NATO and now seek to split the Union.
Social media has an important part to play in the fight against disinformation, and it is of utmost importance that pro-European activists familiarize themselves with the issue and engage with the problem.

Tullio Pontecorvo

Student of political science and international relations, co-founder of My Country? Europe. Aspiring sci-fi author. Believes shooting aliens in the face to be the ultimate form of gaming.

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