We at MC?E are looking for stories and articles that give precious insights into European politics or European culture, past or present. Whenever possible, we seek to bring down the barriers between Europeans, by underlining our common heritage and our stakes in a common future.

Writers from all backgrounds are welcome. We prefer that you query us before submitting a story. Please send us a pitch, 300 to 600 words in length, in which you describe why you believe your story deserves attention, specific themes you mean to explore and all relevant information. The more you can provide, the better.

Please make sure to specify the category you believe fits your article the most. The best way to understand what we publish for each category is to familiarize yourself with our content by reading it.

Queries must be sent using the form below, and following the specified guidelines. We cannot guarantee acceptance of unsolicited submissions: the decision on what to publish is at the sole discretion of the editorial team.

Submission requirements

Each post you submit must fulfill these criteria:

  • LENGTH: between 300 and 600 words;
  • THE TITLE should clearly highlight the main topic of the article;
  • THE SUGGESTED CATEGORY must be pertinent to the topic;
  • CLEARLY WRITTEN and structured;
  • FEATURE IMAGE of 780×405 px should be included;
  • ALL IMAGES INCLUDED must be royalty free or you must own the rights to publish them;
  • FILE SIZE under 5MB for all files;

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