Russia: Road to Eurovision

Russia co-holds with Sweden the record for for the most top five finishes in the 21st century, exactly nine top…
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The Other European Union: A Threat on the Rise

Far to the east – beyond the outermost borders of the EU – lays another, mirroring Union in Europe. A…
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Russian Presidential Elections: All You Need to Know

Today, the Russian Federation is voting to elect its new President for the next six year term. This is the…
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Denmark Deploys Soldiers To The Baltics To Deter Russian Aggression

Denmark today deployed 200 troops to Estonia as part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence. The goal of the operation is…
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Why Germany should give up on the Nord Stream 2 project

From the smallest individual actions to the most marvellous and destructive natural phenomena, nothing could be possible without energy, the…