History of Europe

The Thirty Years’ War Began 400 Years Ago – And We’re All Living In The World It Created

This year marks the centenary of the end of the First World War, but that’s not the only major commemoration…

Spanish football (World Cup 2018)

Spanish football There are two teams above all else in Spanish football (well, some might say 2.5 with Atletico Madrid). The Champions…

Spain: Road to Eurovision

Spain is one of the Big Five of the Eurovision Song Contest. The country is a veteran of the Contest…
Long reads

United, But How? Decentralisation Or Federalism

One of the main recurring questions in the debate about decentralisation is whether some countries are federal or simply decentralised.…
Hidden European Food

Hidden Eurofood: Andalusia

Try to imagine Native American, British, French and Arabic tastes all in one cuisine. Tasting a Spanish dish is often…
EU Domestic Policy

Leaked Catalan plans for independence

El país has just published details of the Catalan roadmap to independence seized by the Civil Guard after storming a…
EU Domestic Policy

The Catalan Referendum Is Illegal – But Is There Any Other Way?

The Spanish Guardia Civil has foiled the referendum, but the plight stands. With the central and the regional governments on…
History of Europe

The Decline of Spain

A rather interesting event in European history is the fall of the Spanish Empire. When Philip II died in 1598,…