Finland: Road to Eurovision

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Finland is a veteran of the competition, since its debut in 1961 with the songs Valoa ikkunassa, the country has participated fifty-one times and has won one time, with one of the most iconic song of the Eurovision Song Contest: Hard Rock Hallelujah  by the band Lordi.

In Lisbon, the country will be represented by one of the major talents and celebrated stars of the country: Saara Aalto.

She was a runner-up in the TV smash hits such as The Voice and Finland’s Got Talent, plus she was the voice of Princess Anna in the Finnish version of the movie Frozen.

This is the third time that Saara try to partecipated into the Eurovision. The first two times 2011 and 2016 she finished second in the national selection, but this year the dream will become reality. Whilst recording her international debut album Saara got a sudden phone call. She was asked to represent Finland in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Monsters.

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