The Netherlands: Road to Eurovision

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The Netherlands was one of the seven countries competing in the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956, since the country has participated fifty-eight times and has missed only four contests.

The Netherlands has won four times, the first victory comes in 1957 with Corry Brokken and the song Net als toen. The last one comes in 1975 with the Dutch band Teach-In and the song Ding-a-Dong.

Last year the country was represented by the group O’G3NE that with the song Lights and Shadows achieved the eleventh position.

This year The Netherlands will be represented by Waylon with the song Outlaw in ‘Em.

Willem Bijkerk, known professionally as Waylon, is a Dutch singer.

Waylon came to people’s attention during his Hollands Got Talent performance in 2008. One year later he became the first Dutch artist to sign to the Motown Label. Wicked Way was his first single on his debut album Wicked Ways. Both were extremely successful and won several awards.

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