We’re still here

Yesterday was Europe Day, a day of celebrations for all europeans, a day to cherish peace and unity in our country.

Sadly, we of “My country? Europe.” have received a bitter gift from Facebook: their staff has unpublished our page, allegedly due to terms infringement but without citing any such infringement or giving a specific reason.

We are completely sure that not one of our posts was offensive or in violation of Facebook’s terms. For this reason we’re confident that the page will be restored without problem in the following days.

We don’t want to accuse anyone, we don’t have any proof or idea of who can have attacked our page, but we do want to say this:

Our project is not a simple page on Facebook, or any other social networks. Our project is not just “likes” or “followers”, our project is composed by people, people who really think that a united Europe is not just a dream.

These people have spent hours, days, years of their life to improve this project and give their little contribution to our country.

People who have an idea. And you can block or unpublish a page, but you cannot block or unpublish an idea.

Thanks to these people and their efforts, we shall remain resilient and endure – together. We’re still here.

Mauro Armadi (Rausten)

Mauro Armadi (Rausten)

Founder and Editor-in-chief of “My country? Europe.”.

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