Germany: Road to Eurovision

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Germany has participated in every Eurovision Song Contest, except in 1996 when its entry did not qualify past the audio-only pre‐selection round. With sixty appearances, Germany is the country with more presences in the history of the Contest.

Despite this long career as partecipant, the country has won only two times. The first one in 1982 with the song Ein bißchen Frieden singed by Nicole. The second, is more recent, in 2010 with the song Satellite by Lena, that has also rapresented the country in the following Contest.

This is year the hopes of the Germany are on the shoulder of the singer and songwriter Michael Schulte.

Michael started out in 2007 as a YouTube artist playing cover songs. Later, in 2011, he became a contestant on season one of The Voice of Germany, by reaching the third place.

ARD German TV recognized his talent and nominated him as one of six artists to take part in the German heat to decide who would represent the nation at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

You Let Me Walk Alone is the song choiced to represent the country. In this song Michael opens up about his feelings after losing his father, he was only 14 years old at the time.

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